Affordable Care Act: Just another failure

On Day 2 of the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare), trending headlines tell us that the ACA is off to a rough start: web sites are freezing, people are running into delays, a few states are still dealing with paper applications–that sort of thing.

It all reminds me of other governmental efforts that had difficult and sometimes disastrous beginnings, often in the face of severe opposition, including the human genome project, the space shuttle, the mission to the moon, civil rights, World War II, recovery from the Great Depression, the end of slavery, the Civil War, the American Revolution.

On the other hand, Vietnam, President Nixon’s second term seemed to start out OK …

Yes, yes–of course this is a selective list. Someone could create a list of things that started out poorly and were disasters–or vice versa: successful starts that led to ongoing success. The point, in case there’s any question, is that ultimate success–or ultimate value, for that matter–can’t be judged by early problems. Day Two is too early to tell. For my part, now that it’s law (yes, it is the law), I hope it succeeds and that the problems get ironed out as quickly as possible. A lot of people need good, dependable, affordable health care, and this is a start.

One thought on “Affordable Care Act: Just another failure

  1. Affordable Health Care, It is the right thing to do and I speak this from a layman’s perspective. I may not fully understand the pros and cons of this Act, but I know what it means not to be able to afford health care. I believe good health is a fundamental human need and every effort must be made to ensure that it happens, despite the risks associated with change. We will learn and make corrections along the way and you are right-THIS IS A START. Thank God Almighty!

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